Get Ready for Gifting: Quality Home Goods Edition

Get Ready for Gifting: Quality Home Goods Edition

Fall is underway, which also means that the holidays are quickly approaching and Seaton Three Mercantile has the ideal selection of quality home goods for every gift this holiday season. Whether you are gathering with friends for a dinner party or gifting to family and friends for the holidays, we have the perfect item you need, so that you don’t show up empty handed. Our carefully curated selection of quality home goods make shopping both easy and enjoyable. 

We have broken down four of our favorite Seaton Three home good gifting items below. As always, we want to see you in your Seaton Three, so make sure to let us know how you style our home goods in your home. 

Fun Champagne Glasses

Let’s have a toast to affordable, quality home goods! Here at Seaton Three, we strive to deliver budget-friendly, quality home goods that can transcend every trend and be a staple in your personal home goods collection. And what is a dinner party or holiday without some champagne?! Pop the bubbly and use our favorite champagne glasses, the Moroccan Cone Champagne Glasses, which come in a set of 6 and are the sleek yet fun champagne glass that you didn’t know you needed.  

Moroccan Glasses

 For the friend that loves a unique, yet classic item that will match with any tablescape, our Moroccan glasses are the perfect fit. Our Moroccan Beldi Glassware is made from recycled bottles and are handblown for a guaranteed unique look and feel in every glass. Sold as a set of 6, they are the ideal housewarming or dinner party gift. Dress them up with a colorful drink or flower arrangement as a table runner and you are guaranteed to impress.

Woven Throw 

Cozy fall weather is not complete without a soft, comfortable AND aesthetic throw… and we’ve got you covered! Our Boucle Woven Throw adds a spot of coziness and rich visual appeal to a chair, sofa or bed. It is handwoven using traditional weaving methods passed down through generations of artisans – talk about a thoughtful and practical gift! This throw is bound to add a subtle, sophisticated touch to any living or bedroom. 

Coffee Mugs

If you are coffee addicted like we are, you know that the need for cute coffee mugs is a must. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here too. We have curated the perfect selection of coffee mugs for every person in your life. And don’t worry, we have lots of new arrivals coming in time for all the holiday shopping you have coming up! 

We have carefully curated all the quality home goods that you need in your life to accessorize your home and that are the perfect gift for both family and friends. Our selection of quality home goods cover glassware, throws, pillows, kitchenware, and dining necessities. So, for all of your holiday and décor shopping, make Seaton Three your one stop shop.