Seaton Three Mercantile Five Fall Wardrobe Staples

Seaton Three Mercantile Five Fall Wardrobe Staples

If we could only have five items in our closet, our list would include: rompers and jumpsuits, a classic blue or black blazer, black mini dress, straight leg jean and a neutral bodysuit. With these items, creating a capsule wardrobe is not only attainable, but also sure to make a fashionable statement each time you leave the house. At Seaton Three, we curate statement pieces that are guaranteed to take your closet to the next level. 

Rompers + Jumpsuit

Serving as both a simple and elevated look, rompers and jumpsuits can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Take a black jumpsuit and throw on a blazer to go from comfortable running around town errands to dinner-party ready. Jumpsuits and rompers combine the elegance of a pantsuit or dress with comfort to make, in our opinion, two of the most wearable items in your closet. 

Neutral Bodysuit

We can’t live without a good bodysuit because once you find one that fits your body just right and creates a seamless look, there’s no turning back. Our Surplice Long Sleeve Bodysuit gives a sexy v-neck with the softest fabric EVER. We truly classify this as a must-have closet essential. You can’t go wrong with a bodysuit and jeans (or a skirt) for everyday or a special occasion. If you want to create a more fun look, go for our Not-So-Basic Knit Ribbed Bodysuit, throw on a pair of jeans, and call it a day. 


Who doesn’t love a classic look that will NEVER go out of style. While some looks are simply trends that we see one season and are out the next, blazers have stood the test of time and remain an essential part of a woman’s closet. If you want to look put together, chic and stylish, a blazer is the first step. Pair your blazer with a neutral bodysuit, romper or jumpsuit, gold hoops and a chain necklace and you automatically have an enviable fit. 

Little Black Dress

Any time we are searching through our closet, our eye automatically goes to any mini dress within view. When talking about a select few items that are necessary in our closet, a black mini dress is the way to go. Pairs perfectly with everything and can be dressed down with sneakers or up with a blazer and heels. Perfect easy outfit for a walk in the park or dressed up for date night. 

Straight Leg Jean

There truly is nothing better than a well-fitting jean, and nothing worse than an ill-fitting jean. Finding the shape and fit that mold perfectly to your body is essential to maintaining comfort, while also exuding a stylish flare. A wardrobe is not complete without a classic, straight leg jean that you can pair with any outfit and gives an I’ve got my sh*t together look. The best thing about a straight leg jean is that the options are endless for what look, vibe and style you can go for. Dressed up or down, a straight leg jean is one of our essential closet staples. 

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